Battery Testing

Battery Testing

Battery testing can help in a range of different ways. This includes confirming there is a problem with your battery. By knowing this definitively, you’ll be able to do something about it.

Our battery testing service may also confirm there is nothing wrong with the battery. By knowing you have a battery that is in good working condition, you can eliminate the battery and concentrate on other areas to determine the cause of the issue you are experiencing.

In other words, battery testing can save you money by ensuring you only replace your battery when it is absolutely necessary.

For more information on battery testing, contact one of our shops:

If you are in Wellington, contact our mobile battery service by calling 0800 637 384.

Why Battery Testing is Important

Batteries have a usable life that is typically determined by charge cycles. After a certain number of charge cycles, the performance of the battery will start to deteriorate. Over time this will reach the point that you should replace the battery. Battery testing will give you this information.

By replacing your batter when it has reached the end of its life, you will get better performance and enhanced reliability with you can have confidence your car will start every time you need it to.. You will also save money as the battery won’t need to be charged as often or for as long. (not quite sure if this wording works? If you look after the vehicle you shouldn’t need to re-charge the battery at all during it’s life. The alternator in the car takes care of that)