Battery Terminal Repairs

Battery Terminal Repairs

Are the terminals on your battery damaged or have they deteriorated because of corrosion? This can reduce the performance of your battery and can even make the battery unusable. This is despite the fact there is nothing wrong with the battery itself.

In other words, when you have a problem with battery terminals, replacing the battery is not a cost-effective solution. The much better solution is to contact us at Battery Bill for battery terminal repairs.

You can get our battery terminal repair service at our two shops located in Papatoetoe and in East Tamaki.

The best first step is to get in touch to discuss the problem you are having and to get advice from a member of our team. We can then arrange to repair your battery’s terminals.

Cost-Effective Solution to Many Battery Problems

Battery terminals are not the cause of problems in all situations. However, when terminals are the issue, they can usually be repaired. At Battery Bill, we can repair battery terminals that have become corroded or that have been physically damaged. We can also repair battery terminals that have worn out over time. Please contact us to find out more.