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We offer a range of battery services at Battery Bill in addition to supplying new batteries. Our team has extensive experience delivering these services, making us more than the average supplier of batteries.

You can get our full range of services at both our Auckland shops. They are located in Papatoetoe and East Tamaki, with friendly and experienced teams in both.

Due to market demand, we have expanded into the Wellington area and are now able to offer our mobile service. This means you can benefit from battery installation and maintenance by Battery Bill wherever you are in the Wellington region and surrounding areas.

Browse the range of services we offer below or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Battery Advice

Have you got a question about batteries? Do you have a question about a battery issue you are having? Whatever your query, our team is ready to give you industry-leading expert advice.

At Battery Bill, we supply, repair, and maintain batteries for just about every application, personal, commercial, and industrial. This puts us in the best possible position to give you the right advice.

That advice will be independent too, ensuring you get the information you need to make the right decision.

To get battery advice, you can visit us in-store at our Papatoetoe and East Tamaki shops. You can also call us on 0800 637 384.

The Battery Questions and Problems We Can Help With

  • What you should do if your battery is not performing as expected. Examples include when the battery is losing charge faster than normal or is not delivering power as expected.
  • Help when choosing a new battery. We can give you advice based on the best type and brand to choose depending on your situation.
  • We can also give you advice on how to look after your battery. With the proper care, your battery will last longer, saving you time, money, and hassle.
  • Any other battery advice you need.

To speak to one of our battery experts, please call us on 0800 637 384.

Battery Testing

Battery testing can help in a range of different ways. This includes confirming there is a problem with your battery. By knowing this definitively, you’ll be able to do something about it.

Our battery testing service may also confirm there is nothing wrong with the battery. By knowing you have a battery that is in good working condition, you can eliminate the battery and concentrate on other areas to determine the cause of the issue you are experiencing.

In other words, battery testing can save you money by ensuring you only replace your battery when it is absolutely necessary.

For more information on battery testing, contact one of our shops:

If you are in Wellington, contact our mobile battery service by calling 0800 637 384.

Why Battery Testing is Important

Batteries have a usable life that is typically determined by charge cycles. After a certain number of charge cycles, the performance of the battery will start to deteriorate. Over time this will reach the point that you should replace the battery. Battery testing will give you this information.

By replacing your batter when it has reached the end of its life, you will get better performance and enhanced reliability with you can have confidence your car will start every time you need it to.. You will also save money as the battery won’t need to be charged as often or for as long. (not quite sure if this wording works? If you look after the vehicle you shouldn’t need to re-charge the battery at all during it’s life. The alternator in the car takes care of that)

Battery Charging

Do you need battery charging services? At Battery Bill, we can charge almost any type or brand of battery. This includes batteries for just about all domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

When you bring your battery to us at Battery Bill for charging, you can have peace of mind your battery is being looked after by industry experts. Each member of our team has extensive experience supplying, repairing, maintaining, charging, and generally working with all types of battery.

Your battery will also be charged using a high-quality charger. This ensures the optimal charging performance in terms of the time it takes to charge the battery as well as the quality of the charge.

Finally, we’ll get your battery back to you as soon as possible.

Getting Your Battery Charged at Battery Bill

At Battery Bill, we can charge any brand or type of battery. This includes batteries of any capacity. We charge batteries at our two shops located in Papatoetoe and East Tamaki.

We offer competitive prices on our battery charging services too. To find out more, to get advice about your battery, and to get a free, no-obligation quote for battery charging, please contact us today on 0800 637 384.

Battery Terminal Repairs

Are the terminals on your battery damaged or have they deteriorated because of corrosion? This can reduce the performance of your battery and can even make the battery unusable. This is despite the fact there is nothing wrong with the battery itself.

In other words, when you have a problem with battery terminals, replacing the battery is not a cost-effective solution. The much better solution is to contact us at Battery Bill for battery terminal repairs.

You can get our battery terminal repair service at our two shops located in Papatoetoe and in East Tamaki.

The best first step is to get in touch to discuss the problem you are having and to get advice from a member of our team. We can then arrange to repair your battery’s terminals.

Cost-Effective Solution to Many Battery Problems

Battery terminals are not the cause of problems in all situations. However, when terminals are the issue, they can usually be repaired. At Battery Bill, we can repair battery terminals that have become corroded or that have been physically damaged. We can also repair battery terminals that have worn out over time. Please contact us to find out more.

Battery iMAT Service

Find out more about our battery iMAT service on our dedicated page.

To get a quote for any of our services, or to get battery advice, please call us today on 0800 637 384