Battery IMAT Service

The electrical systems in modern cars are highly complex, with many of the vehicle’s operations being controlled by a computer. This includes the battery charging function.

Specifically, your car’s battery control module charges a battery depending on its type, condition, and age. This is highly effective at prolonging the life of your battery and ensuring the charging process operates smoothly and efficiently.

Difficulties arise however, when you replace your battery. This is because the settings in your car’s battery control module won’t be right for the new battery. As a result, the battery control module needs to be updated with the new battery’s settings.

Our battery iMAT service is the solution. At Battery Bill, we’ll properly register and configure your new battery with your car’s control module, saving you the expense of having to bring your car to a main dealer. Plus, we’ll clear any fault codes created by the previous battery.

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Why Choose Us?

At Battery Bill, we use the latest equipment from leading provider iMAT. We can register and configure batteries in all main makes and model of car, ensuring optimal performance from your new battery.

This makes us your one-stop-shop as we can supply your new battery, fit it, and then register and configure it with your car.

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